Monday, June 18, 2007

Supermicro H8DAR-T BIOS Settings

We run a lot of Supermicro H8DAR-T motherboards in production. These are the BIOS settings that work well for us. I have not done a lot of tweaking trying to get more performance out of our systems with BIOS settings, since stability is key.

Note that unless specified here, we leave the settings at their default values. (Some of these settings are default values but documented because we need them set that way) Especially important options in BOLD.

Advanced->ACPI Settings->Advanced ACPI Settings
ACPI 2.0 [No]
ACPI APIC Support [Enabled]
ACPI SRAT Table [Enabled]
BIOS->AML ACPI Table [Enabled]
Headless Mode [Enabled]
OS Console Redirection [Always]

Advanced->AMD PowerNow Configuration
PowerNow [Disabled]

Advanced->Remote Access
Remote Access [Enabled]
Serial Port [COM2]
Serial Port Mode [19200,8,N,1]
Flow Control [None]
Redirection After Post [Always]
Terminal Type [vt100]
UT-UTF8 Combo Keys [Enabled]
SRedir Memory Display [No Delay]

Advanced->System Health->System Fan
Fan Speed Control [1) Disable - Full Speed]

Plug and Play OS [No]
PCI Latency [64]
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA [Yes]
Pallete Snooping [Disabled]
PCI IDE BusMaster [Disabled]

Boot->Boot Device Priority
1) Floppy
2) PC-CD-244E (cdrom)
3) MBA Slot 218 (first ethernet)
4) 3Ware (or Onbard SATA)
5) MBA Slot 219 (second ethernet)

Chipset->NorthBridge->ECC Configuration
DRAM ECC [Enabled]
MCA ECC Logging [Enabled]
ECC Chipkill [Enabled]
DRAM Scrub Redirect [Enabled]
DRAM BG Scrub [163.8us]
L2 Cache BG Scrub [ 10.2us]
Data Cache BG Scrub [ 5.12us]

Chipset->NorthBridge->IOMMU Options
IOMMU Mode [Best Fit]
Aperture Size [64MB]

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